Church Rock Chapter

Kin Litso Sinili

About Us

Churchrock Chapter is just 5 miles East of Gallup, New Mexico, being located at the intersection of Historic Route 66 and U.S. Highway 566. Established on May 3, 1979, Churchrock Chapter has been serving its community for over 4o years, with its population nearing 2800 residents. We currently serve residents in Churchrock, Sundance, Rehoboth, Superman Canyon, Uphill, Hardground Canyon, & Gallup.

Larry King, President

Dr. Carolene Whitman, Vice-President

Francine Smith, Secretary/ Treasurer

Emery Chee, Land Board

Vacant, Account Maintenance Specialist

Vacant, Community Sevice Coordinator

Pauline Mescale, Office Assistant

Thomas Lee, Office Assistant

Patrick Holmes, PEP Laborer

Derrick Billsie, PEP Laborer

Housing Discretionary Open

Churchrock Chapter is currently accepting Applications for Housing Discretionary for FY 2022. 

Employment Positions Open

Churchrock Chapter is currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Full-time Laborer

Part-time Heavy Equipment Operator

Come by the office and pickup an application today

Fall 2021 Scholarship Update

Due to the large amount of students who applied for the Spring 2021 Scholarships, Churchrock Chapter currently does not have the funds to assist any students in the Fall of 2021.

Applications will be available for the Spring 2022 semesters.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.