Church Rock Chapter

Kin Litso Sinili

Where The Yellow Buildings Are

Our Story

Church Rock Chapter is located approximately 4 miles east of Gallup, New Mexico. The chapter house is set atop a hill just northeast of the junction of NM Highway 556 and NM Highway 118 (formerly known as Old Highway 66). Church Rock Chapter is situated against the beautiful red rocks north of Interstate 40 and has a community population of approximately 2800 members.

Chapter Administration

Vera T. Morgan, Community Services Coordinator

Vera Marianito, Accounts Maintenance Specialist

Francine Smith, Office Assistant

Elected Officials

Edmund Yazzie, Council Delegate

Johnnie Henry, Jr., Chapter President

Sherman Woody, Chapter Vice President

Louise Jim, Chapter Secretary / Treasurer

Donald Arviso, Land Board


Housing Discretionary Application Opens

Monday, March 2, 2020

Community Trash Bin

8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Monday thru Friday
$1.06 a bag
$7.42 a truck-load

Hay Sale

$14.00 + 6% tax = $14.84 a bale
Limited number of bales available