Church Rock Chapter



Welcome to the Churchrock Chapter Community Land Use Planning Committee (CLUPC). CLUPC is created to established a approved certified community land use plan that can address the land issues within the chapter service area.

The Churchrock Chapter CLUPC was re-established after the Chapter Administration dis-banded the committee after the Navajo Nation Council certified the committee. The Committee is now compromised of 5 members appointed and approved by the community every four years, coinciding with the elected chapter official term.

The Churchrock CLUPC meet monthly to discuss land issues and other issues facing the committee within its legal capacity. The Committee is currently working on re-drafting its community land use plan along with other mandated components set out in Title 26 of the Navajo Nation Code. Please review our work and other reports to understand the position of the committee.


Melinda A. Ciocco, President

Louise Jim, Vice-President

Ernestine Armstrong, Secretary

Jimmie Charley, Member

Verna M. Craig, Member

Titus Jay Nez, Senior Planner